Pop up Hiatus??

I know ya’ll have heard of pop up shops well I guess we sort of did a pop up hiatus. We’ll we’re back and better than ever. I, Zayna, was supper busy with school and other things that I could not possibly find the time to get on, plus I did not have a laptop … More Pop up Hiatus??

Long time…

We haven’t been posting much lately, true, but in this time I’ve taken some time to better myself. I currently have a makeup Instagram if you’d like to follow an I’ve been bettering my studies, with Lunas help. The two of us are growing up and becoming wonderful people  Xx 😘

Goth bedrooms

Ive always dreamed of having my own goth lolita bedroom. They are so beautiful the way the bed is set out with the bed spreads, on the side of the bed night stands with maybe lamps and roses and a couple of pictures. When I awake the smells of roses fills my rooms and intoxicates … More Goth bedrooms


Hello, my little kittens as most of you know homecoming is coming up soon and you know i love to wear dark colors. Hmm so i thought why not go the way i want and not in a pink dress my mom got me when i was little yes pink i know right. so here … More Homecoming

My Blogging Nights

***This was typed on August 29th*** Hey loves, I decided that I would share to you my night routine for school/weekends when I work on the blog. So first things first I get home from school around four. Technically Luna and I both get home around then, most times she’s at my house. So we … More My Blogging Nights