About Us

Dear reader,

I’m Zayna, and I’m Luna, and we are 17 years old. We’re best friends and proud of. It’s a strange relationship, for the act that her closet is a dark whole of despair and my dresser is a unicorn wonderland. … Okay maybe that’s a little exaggerated, a little? but it’s true. She’s right though, my closet is mostly black, with that one pop of red or pink. We are different in what clothes we wear and how we do our makeup, things like that. We joke around that if we were in a movie, I would be considered the “Bitchy” popular girl and she would be the “Emo” one. We’re aren’t completely different because if you dig deep enough down you’ll see that we are actually like one another. Its a scary thought but true. My closet is just as black as hers, and when you look into her dresser it’s like mine with a little less brightness. The point in this is that we may look one way but there is a whole other side of us that little know about. But lets be honest there is always two side to every story, and two sides to every girl. We made this blog to to talk about our favourites of the months or week and to express ourselves. This gives us a chance to show what we like and our opinions on todays fashions, from both sides of the spectrum.  My side is the more stereotypical “white girl” style and mine is more “hardcore and goth.” We’re just two friends trying to put a fun twist on our “unusual” friendship and we hope you enjoy it.


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