Moving, Plans + More

Hey guys it’s Zay, so lately I haven’t been posting or on much in general, and for that I am sorry. What’s been going on these past few months have been pretty, how can I say, intense. First I went back hoe after visiting my mom for a while and no soon after family problems surfaced. My sister, a friend and I moved in with my mom in Virginia, which is a hell of a drive from Florida. Packing was a nightmare and I’m super surprised that we managed to pull through as much as we did. Most of our stuff is in storage, the other half is with my friend, Hi Kayla, so thank goodness for that. It doesn’t stop there, so more complications comes up with in the first week we’re here, that’s right the first week, mind you we’ve only been up here for maybe three weeks, not even. those subside and everything is knock, knock good, good. Our friend works, My sister starts working on Monday and Chagirl will be starting very soon. As of now our plans are just focusing on saving money and looking for a place back in Florida. I’ve been going through a rough spot, hence why I’ve been M.I.A. That’s for another post though, it’ll be planned for another day I promise. So things have not been the best, with a inside battle more than anything, back and forth with nothing that was consistent enough for me to be solid on. I also haven’t had time, between packing and trying to get things straight and having some social issues too I just haven’t been able to completely come down from such a high stress level and relax. times that I do are spent on naps and watching YouTube videos. as unprofessional as this is I am sorry and will try my absolute hardest to get back on my game and bring you different posts, starting with a how to post most likely up tomorrow or mid week. Thank you all so much for being patient as us two try and get our lives together one step of at a time.




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