I’m back-(Luna)

Ryan & Luna( 1 yr. 3 mo.)

Hey guys sorry I haven’t blogged in a while but I’VE BEEN PRETTY BUSY. AS OF TOMORROW I WILL BE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. Gotta get this done then go to UMA I’ve been looking into being a Pharmacy Technician hope to be working with medicine and learning more about it. 

                                                                                    UPDATE ON MY LIFE

                      Back to school online….. I have to do it If I still want to keep my part-time job why didn’t anybody teach me that being an adult sucks. 

                             Learning how to drive…..For me this will be hard since I’m a very anxious person.

                                          Leaning how to do my taxes for the first time yay……………….

                                            But atleast along side me is my Man & Mom(sometimes XD)

       Christmas was pretty fun my man and I went to Akira(his treat <3). He spoils me rotten sometimes, he wonders why i get poutty when he says no or wait. But he still loves me and I back. 


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