Deal, Steal or Ideal

Twice every year Victoria’s Secret has their semi Annual Sale, one being in the middle of the year, around the summer, and another being at the end of the year to the beginning of the next. (These prices only pertain to the PINK side of the store.)


A per usual they have a deal 5/ $27.50, then every so often they have the 7/$27.50, a real deal right? Or wrong? When broken down that’s roughly $3.92/ per pair. So at their semi annual sale they have their panties for $3.99/ per pair. So is it really a deal? If you’re all about saving pennies then probably not. One thing that needs to be noted is that though you might not be saving money, like you thought, you will have the chance to snag some new styles. Just today I got two new pairs of underwear in one of the newer styles.

The Verdict: Ideal and a Steal; Yes it seems like a good deal at the time, I mean it’s better than 5/ $27.50, which breaks down to $5.50/ per pair, but when you could wait for another month or another two months to get 7/ $27.50 instead of 7/$27.93 or 5/$19.95. So yes if you’re only getting five then you would be saving $7.55, almost eight dollars, however if you get seven you would be spending an extra $0.43 cents. If you are a penny counter than maybe no for you, hoever thinking in the sense of “bulk buying” you would be getting 10/$39.90 instead of 10/$55. You save $15.10. If you are planning on grabbing a whole bunch of underwear then yes it would be a good steal, however if you are planning on only grabbing a few then maybe you should just wait and keep your $0.43 cents.


Now, there is also bras. Normally they are 2/ $45 and during the semi annual sale they get bumped down to 2/$36. Compared to the $32.95 or $34.95/ per bra. During the sale their bras and bralettes are $9.99 and up. Their bralettes are normally $22.50, pretty pricey. The bras and bralettes are either a hit or miss when it comes to a sale. Again most of the some pretty good deals for their bras with newer patters before they go on sale and sky rocket.

The Verdict: Deal; Although the bras are pretty pricey even while on sale, some go for $9.99-$22.99, if you find one cheap enough you can escape outta there with 3/ $45 or even 3/$30 depending on the price. I find shopping for their bras and bralettes at this time would be better and you can save yourself anywhere between $17.96 and $22.66 on bras prices at $32.95 and about $12.51 on a bralette, with that you could but at least another bra if not some panties or a shirt.


Lastly, lets talk about apparel. We all know and love their signature look, but are they going to start with a more up to date look? Their plain shirts and tank tops retail for $19.95 or 2/ $34. Just for a plan shirt, no logo, no nothing. During their annual sale their plain shirts are $9.99, you save $9.96 or 2/$19.98 definitely better than the original price. When you start to get the tanks and shirts with the logo on them or with the dog on it the tanks are $26.95 and the shirts are $27.95 and $28.95. Brand name, brand name price, understandable. During the sale most of these shirts and tanks drop down to $14.99, causing you to save $11.96 on tanks, $12.96 on some shirts and $13.96 on others. Pretty nice huh?

The Verdict: Deal; I don’t really see where anything is really a steal, I don’t. But it’s not really ideal either, I mean if you look at it you are saving a pretty good chunk of money that can go towards lunch or dinner that day or even another shirt, maybe more underwear. All you’re saving with the plane shirts are $14.02, tanks and tops are only saving minimal dollars.


My final thoughts: If you are going to go to their semi annual sale don’t be super prepared for super cheap prices. One I did not mention is not everything is on sale and they even thought their long sleeved jumpers are on sale, some, that the only difference is half off and at the store I went to there wasn’t enough to really make a post on, same with the leggings and pants. If you still decide to go to their sale I suggest becoming a PINK NATION member because you will get deals through out the year. I ca vouch for about the end of 2015 and the whole 2016, if not most, that the deals you get in the app are just as good if not better than their semi annual sales. Just from knowledge I know at the beginning of December I got a 10/$35 offer on all of their PINK panties, near the middle of November I got a free panty deal with any PINK purchase, there was also one about a $25 or $35 dollar outfit coupon where you can get leggings and top. So if you really like PINK and you want to save mega bucks, become a PINK NATION member and you can get just as good deals, then when the semi annual sale you can get some perfume or more underwear, whatever you like. Also note that they have random sales online too, along with random deals.

***All information can be found here


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