Pop up Hiatus??

I know ya’ll have heard of pop up shops well I guess we sort of did a pop up hiatus. We’ll we’re back and better than ever.

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I, Zayna, was supper busy with school and other things that I could not possibly find the time to get on, plus I did not have a laptop to be able to plan and post on so I was just stuck. I had the chance to post at once point but I endedup starting a new blog which you could find at hhtp://fattybutabaddie.wordpress.com

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Luna on the other hand, she has a life and is super busy almost twenty four seven. She has a job and trust me I don’t even know of a time that she’s free.

Image result for sailor moon busy gifs

Now, we’ve decided to start posting again and making new and improved content. I’m literally so excited I cannot wait for  what 2017 is gonna hold for us. Right now we’re just gonna focus on trying to post once every week. Depending on what I post I might be able to post twice a week or more, but keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook, Twitter, and new things to come on our Pintrest. We’ve missed posting so much and as I said we’re so excited to be back, so you better watch out cause here we come.

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Zay and Luna


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