My Blogging Nights

***This was typed on August 29th***

Hey loves, I decided that I would share to you my night routine for school/weekends when I work on the blog. So first things first I get home from school around four. Technically Luna and I both get home around then, most times she’s at my house. So we get home and do some homework, walk the dog, check the mail, just the normal things we do. So we usually finish around 5:30 and 6:00. Everything after that is free time. When it’s hot outside, which is most of the time in Florida, we go swimming. I have this pool in my apartments and we’re usually the only people there so we basically just do whatever. What ends up happening is that I’ll plan for future posts and lay a draft out then I’ll get in for a bit. Usually that would be our work out and we’d  come home, take showers, and light some candles. My love for candles is un canny and probably shouldn’t be legal. I have two candles that smell amazing together. Anyways, on school nights Luna as to be back home by 8:30, so we do as much as we can. I normally play music from 8track, one of my favourite music apps, and we sit on my bed, she’s usually at the end laying across and I’m by the pillows in the middle leaning back. Not like that mattered, so we have one light on, the one by my bedside, and some candles.


What type of blogging night would it be with no snacks? So normally I’ll have a massive fruit bowl. Which contains various fruit in a big bowl.








So basically you take your fruit, whatever you’d like, and you cut the oranges, apples, peaches and watermelon into slices/pieces. The banana you don’t need to cut unless you’d like you’d like too. Just put everything into a bowl and you’re done. We do this or we eat it separately, we’re big fruit eaters.


Next grab some:




M & M’s

And some semi sweet chocolate chips

So measurements are up to you we would normally do two cups of each and then mix everything together in a big bowl, then portioning the servings into smaller bowls.

So when we finish whatever post or get farther we stop and get something to eat like McDonalds or even pizza. Sometimes we make something. After dinner my grandpa and I take her home. Our weekends are different. To start with she usually spends the night. Our days would either be spent typing another post or out at the mall, roaming the streets. Just yesterday we went and got our nails done as a split second decision.  Our weekends are a more in the moment deals then planning everything out.


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