Revies: Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky pallet

*insert the definition of Revies*

Revies (n):

The act of which Zayna reviews makeup and clothing brands.


Hey lovelies! I felt bad for not having some type of post up today or lately, I completely spazzed and have been falling asleep as soon as I got a chance. So with that out of the way lets get started.

It wasn’t until recently that I finally took my brushes and dipped them into this pallet. I’ve had it since around the middle of July and I had got it while I was on a road trip so I didn’t want to use it yet. Below is a picture of the pallet which retails for $54.00 plus tax.

So yes this is another big bucks pallet. I was scared because I knew Urban Decay have highly pigmented colours and I didn’t know if I would be able to do a normal look with this pallet because of the fact it was a smokey eye and has some pretty deep colours. I am also more of a matte person so this was definitely out of a comfort zone. When you first look at the colours you kind of think when will I use these? Well the colours are pretty universal, or as universal as you can get with dark shimmer colours. I have no complaints about this pallet I love it, it is easy to take places, though it is not as slim as my Kat Von D Monarch pallet, I can throw it in my makeup bag and out the house I go. The shadows do not stray, I fell asleep and my eyeshadow looked the same as if I just did it that morning. The colour pay off is another reason for you to buy it. The colours are so pigmented and so smooth. I can admit the white matte colour, Thirteen, is a little chalky but easily over look able with how easily it is to blend all the colours. I, who have oily eyelids and, well skin, can’t really use a lot of eye shadows because of how they don’t stick after a while. I don’t have this problem with his pallet.

Rating: 4.5/5


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