Scents and Smells of My Bedroom

If only you would smell my room right now. I am a sucker for candles, and that is a fact. The only problem is they’re so expensive. So today Luna and I went back to school shopping and I have to say I had a blast. In facts our back to school supplies post will be up soon Loves. So if you go to Walmart, their scented candles are between $3.97 for a 13 oz. container to $5.96 for a 18 oz. container. That are just prices for Better Homes & Gardens candles. While I was there I saw some that were around eight dollars. They do offer packs, which i guess would save you money, but they are $35.82 for a pack of six 18 oz. from Better Homes and Gardens. While I was there I picked up two scents. Warm Crackling Campfire, which smells just like name.  It smells as if you were in your backyard, or even in your house, and you had a fire going. I love the smile of burning wood, it reminds of of camping and outside, minus the bugs and the potential poison ivy. It was a limited edition Better Homes and Gardens from 2014 and was on rollback for $2.00 (original price: $5.97.) I saw a smaller candle that was only $1.50 (original price: N/A) Tahitian Sunset, smells like you’re on a tropical beach and the sun is slowly setting. It smells a little like pomegranate.

Warm Crackling Campfire: 18 oz. (510.2 g)

Tahitian Sunset: 6 oz. (170 g)


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