My Inspirations + Style Steal

First inspiration (Acacia Brinley Clarke):

Second inspiration (Serena- Sailor Moon)

Image result for serena sailor moon outfits

Third inspiration (Graham and Sydney Sierota)

Style Steals:

I live on a budget, it’s the truth, and sometimes finding the same shirt or shorts can be expensive. I’m going to show you how you can make your own outfit and not totally break the bank.

The first steal is Acacia’s flannel, leggings, hat and booties.

BDG Plaid Double-Pocket Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

From Urban Outfitters this flannel retails for about $39.00, if this is still higher than your price range, than I would suggest Tilly’s which has this shirt for only $28.99

FULL TILT Boyfriend Womens Flannel Shirt

As for leggings any would work.

No Nonesense

The are pricier at $10.99, however a pair from Walmart or Target would be just as good.

For her hat, if I’m not mistaken, is an over-sized bowler hat.

Urban Outfitters

This is the closest I could find. It retails at $19.99 at Urban Outfitters and is a one size fit all. Of course of you are looking for a more accurate outfit just find one in black.

For her boots she’s wearing black booties like the pair shown above with leggings. I believe they’re called the Chelsea boot, however I couldn’t find any cheap Chelsea boots.

Women's Willow Slouch Boot, Brown, hi-res
Payless Shoes

The closest I could fined to being somewhat relevant to the Chelsea boot she is wearing are these Willow Slouch boot that are on sale for $39.99 (original price: $49.99) on Finding booties are one of the hardest things to look for, I looked for some when I went clothes shopping on tax free weekend. Booties range from $39.99 – $105.00 ( If you’re looking at Steve Madden boots)

Second steal is Serena’s pink sweater, green shorts and socks.

Her sweater can be any colour. In the show it appears that she has a “collection” of sweaters and coloured shorts.

Chaira Fashion (uk)

This sweater is from a UK site and is currently sold out. At 14.95 euros ($17.03 usd) link.

Her shorts are a mossy green colour and seem to be high waisted.

Gloria Vanderbilt Pants - Olive Green High Waisted Shorts

These have already been sold and were priced at $13.00. I do not happen to know where you could find another pair like theses. I know it is hard to find one, this colour is considered olive and is quiet uncommon.

Her socks look light pink, though most consider them white.

Clown Antics

These are a bit for socks. Priced at $7.80 with $3.95 for shipping are a bit pinker than in the show.

Third Steal would be a girl version of Graham’s stripped shirt, green jacket, jeans and boots. Along with his blazer, flowered shirt and jeans both including his famous hat.

To girlify these looks they will be more flowey.

The first shirt is black and white stripped shirt.

White Black Striped Bow Back Crop T-shirt

The black bows in the back makes this more girly, and constitutes as the black piping around the collar. Priced at $10.99 online here

His green jacket is almost a military style, so to make this more feminine I’m changing the jacket to a cardigan.


If we are going to be honest, I have no idea where this is from. I tried to find the cheapest cardigan i coul hoever this is priced at $36.00. Now I wouldn’t pay almost forty dollars for a cardigan no matter how much I wanted it. You could find any cardigan from any store hopefully cheaper than this.

His jeans are dark washed, but not necessarily black.


These are black and considers skinny jeans. Priced as $26.99 (originally $44.00)

His boots are most likely Doc Martians. You can pair this out fit with two choices, flats or vans/converse.

Available at Journey’s , Underground, Zumiez, as well as online

Vans vary in price depending on what store you get them from. These are priced as $44.99 at Journey’s and Underground by Journey’s (online), and $44.95 at Zumiez.

His second outfit is more of a dressed up look.

Blazers are expensive and can cost a fortune so if you’d like a cardigan is always a good second choice.

Navy Blue Long Sleeve Crop Blazer

Cheapest I found at $24.30 (Original $45.00) and on sale for only nine more days.

His top and the top I found have two different coloured flowers and doesn’t necessarily got with the blazer, but thats okay

Black Spaghetti Strap Floral Cami Top

Priced at $13.90 (original price $27.80)

I have changed his pants to a skirt to keep the flowey feel.


Again another moment where I do not know where the piece is from. I have been googling opions and been going through the shopping tag. Price: $14.99 + free shipping.

Again i’m changing his Doc Martians to vans, check out his last outfit for shoes.

His hat is a bit of a mystery. It could very well be a bowler had but in all honesty sun hats are where it is at. If you like a Similar bowler hat to match his check out Acacia’s style steal above.

REVOLVE clothing

At last the closest I could find with out being overly floppy. The downside? It is priced at $40.00.

The last steal is Sydney’s white top and skirt combo, tights and shoes.

Light in the Box

This crop top is a little tighter than the one she is wearing. it is priced at $7.99 + free shipping.

The skirt is the same shade of white and looks almost thick like.

Forever 21

This looks a little thinner than hers. Price: $17.80

Her tights are just plane sheer black ones.

The Limited

These are pricey at $9.97 and as I said before any would work.

As for shoes I cannot really tell what brand they are, so I am going to use flats as a substitute.

Yes Style

These are one of the cheapest flats I found that would look somewhat decent. Price: $11.96

Everyone has an inspiration and these are mine. You don’t need to have all the money in the world to dress like your favourite person. You can find a lot of these pieces of clothing at Target or even Burlington. I searched the internet for the best matches and the best prices i could find, this was definitely a long post and I hope it makes up for my lack of posting. If you have any questions don’t be scared to ask on our social media links in the side bar.


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