Make up Must haves

Hello loves! So I never leave the house with out my makeup done, usually. For those days that i  absolutely have to leave I’ll do my brows and out the door I go.

So for my brows and a decent part of my face. (i.e contour, highlight, and slight bronze) I use Smashbox’s “Shape Matters” pallet which retails for $65.00

The three small clolours to the far left are the brow powders and the wax. To the right: the darkes colour is contour and the lightest is bronzer. The two listest are highlighters. the rest are eye shadows.

The colours in this pallet are lighter than in this pictures. the eye shadows are pretty true to colour, however i’ve notices when I do apply the darkest brown it comes off as more of  dark blackish brown. It still looks good though. I didn’t use the brush but the fibers are sooo fluffy and soft.

For the eyes I use my Kat Von D “Monarch” pallet which retails for $46.00

The top three are highlighters/base colours. The bottom colours are like transition colours or a base colour.

The shadows are true to colour, but like the brown in the Smashbox pallet, the dark brown comes of darker than you would except. It’s still really pretty. I use the top left colour as a base and highlight, rusty orange as a transition or crease colour, the dark brown is usually my crease colour and the black in the outer v. If i feel like doing something a little more “advanced” I would take the orange and us it in the outer v with the black as a ombre effect almost. The shadows are almost like silk and feel amazing on your skin. They are insanely pigmented and they last for a while.

I don’t really have any specific face routine other than putting powder on and contouring.

For my lips I use Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in “Vampira” which retails for $20.00

Deep/ Bright red

It’s extremely liquidy, but it’s easy to control and gives you time to work with it. It dries fast and does not budge. The down side to this product is that, I being a person who licks their lips a lot, is that it does come off more than i’d like. Also when eating sandwiches, burritos, and things like that it comes off slowly but surely. It stays on long and looks amazing, you can also build on it as much as you’d like.

When I’m in a rush I do my eyebrows at home and throw my Monarch pallet and a lipstick in my bag and out the door I am!


Smashbox Shape Matters:

Monarch pallet:

Everlasting liquid lipstick in Vampira:

(The second row seventh colour)


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