Back in school

So I’m back in school. Oh god all the familiar places makes me wanna cry all the time but I love all my friends. I tend to hug everyone on sight that I can remember those who I can’t remember I’m very sorry. I wish I had my ex wiccan sister back but she like … More Back in school

Goth Inspired shoes

High heeled black buckled booties Demonia Cyber Rave Techno 850UV Boots Dark Roots shoes… more art than function for sure, but decidedly nefarious! Van Herpen Magic Quartz summer design shoes Skull bone high heeled shoes † pastel goth styles † Demonia’s Adore Goth/Fetish high heeled, knee high boots. Yes, that’s a 7″ heel Demonia Courtess … More Goth Inspired shoes


Hello, here are some of my favorite dolls from I hope that one day I will have one of these dolls there so perfect though other people might think there creepy and scary but i think they are beautiful and have a story behind them.

Another side of me

I have never been alone, always living with another side of me… Didn’t know if it was my mirror image or my true identity.. I have never been alone,living with another side of me Sometimes my true friend,sometimes it’s my worst enemy I have never been alone,it’s killing me the other side of me, making … More Another side of me